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🎉2021 New Year COUNTDOWN NIGHT PARTY Meetup🎁Free Cake Buffet 🍰@coolest Venue

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🎉2021 New Year COUNTDOWN NIGHT PARTY Meetup🎁Free Cake Buffet 🍰@coolest Venue

Time & Location

Dec 31, 2020, 8:00 PM – Jan 01, 2021, 12:00 AM
CLUB CAMELOT, 日本、〒150-0041 東京都渋谷区神南1丁目18−2 フレーム神南坂 B3

About the Event

Let’s enjoy your New Year Eve until the countdown and spend New Year day with Internationals🎉 いよいよ大晦日‼︎ カウントダウンをみんなでしたい人、2020年を最後まで楽しみたい人、いろんな国の人たちと話してみたい人、新しい友達を作りたい人、集まれ!😊🎉

🍰🎁Only For Meetup Welcome Tokyo Member 🎁🍰

・Cheese Cakes, Chocolate Cakes, Tiramisu, Blueberry & Strawberry Fruits Cakes, Rare cheesecake.....

FREE Cake Buffet(one bite cut cake) at Special Bar Lounge in one of the most famous & Biggest venue Camelot Shibuya無料の一口で食べられるようにカットしたケーキブッフェが付いています☆

(ケーキは大量にありますが、なくなったら終わりです。There are lot of Cakes. But, providing quantities has limited )


About taking measures against covid-19 in offline event 新型コロナウイルスの対策

【Must-read 必読】

[ Requirements ]

- To wear a facemask

- To take your temperature at the reception

- Your reservation


Do you want to enjoy 2021 new year countdown in Tokyo? Do you want to have a good new year's eve with new friends? Do you want to drink with international friends and locals?

This is the exact event for you to enjoy 2021 new year countdown, meet new people, and have fun while drinking, make nice friends and good networking chance at Super nice venue and enjoying music.(^▽^)/

About Music(During Party time)

There is a nice and comfortable BGM by pro DJ who put House popular Pop music mix. music volume is not rude and its fitting for our conversation.パーティの時間の音楽は、うるさく無く会話がリラックスして出来る雰囲気です。

※About RSVP

No Reservation予約なし: Plus 500Yen or Can not join)☆

【Event Schedules of ALL】


・UNO game

・Trump game

・Jenga game

Starting 20:00 ~

Reception Start

・20:00 - 21:00 Free chatting with new friends & FREE Cake Buffet

・21:00-22:30 Enjoy games and chatting and Drinking 

※22:00 night club will open and another ppl will come to club area. 

・22:00-22:30 We put meetup sign on 4 tables during 22:00-22:30.

・22:30~ Lets enjoy club time with new friends

・00:00 countdown 🤩✨🥂🎉

☆💗☆ALL DRINKS 500 Yen☆💗☆

・Beer ・Shot ・Over 74 kinds of Cocktail and highball ・Non-alcohol cocktail・Soft Drink...

※Store gave us special discount for Meetup members😀

※After 22:00 Drink price will be charge by standard price of Club.

〇The venue:

Club Camelot is a one of the most popular and famous and symbol night club of Tokyo.  There are over 3floor and extra. every floor has difference music and perfect mood for your new year! It's really wide space. 


・FREE Cake Buffet

・2 Drinks tickets

・Night Club Countdown Fee of Camelot is included(No Re-entry)

(included :Usually standard price is between 4 thousand to 3 thousand Yen entry ticket/person ) 

・Many kind of games

・Meetup Private spaces 

・Yes you can If you want to stay and enjoy until first train.

【 Details 】

・Venue 場所: Club Camelot Shibuya


フレーム神南坂 B3 

・Meetup Party Time : 20:00-0:30

・Meetup Core Time : 20:00-22:30

・Entrance Fee

Only for attendee who join party during 20:00-22:00.


◆women女性 : 1,500yen(2Drinks included)

◆Gentleman男性  : 2,500 yen(2Drinks included)

Please show us your ID at the reception. NOT entry under 20.


※If you enter to venue after 22:00, Club will charge the standard Club Fee after 22:00. 3000Yen to 4000YEN

So plz join from Starting  

※Plz use locker or keep your any baggage with you always in the Venue.

【Precautions for participation参加前の注意事項 必読】

【Cancel Policyキャンセルポリシー】




Starting 20:00 ~


20:00 - 21:00 


21:00-22:30 飲んだりゲームしたり、話したり



00:00 countdown カウントダウン


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