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Sun, Feb 04



Kickboxing lesson for beginner by pro@Harajuku

Kickboxing lesson for beginner by pro@Harajuku
Kickboxing lesson for beginner by pro@Harajuku

Time & Location

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Feb 04, 2024, 9:45 AM – 11:55 AM

YOYOGI PARK, 日本、〒151-0052 東京都渋谷区代々木神園町2−1

About the Event

You can come without any goods for lesson. Because, The Kickboxing protector and Globe are included in the lesson fee. レッスンで使う道具は全て含まれているので、運動着だけで来てください。

先生は元ライト級プロキックボクサー。ファイターとして14年間のキックボクシング暦。 キックボクシングは14年間教えています。 やさしく教えます。


・(Explanation of safety and precautions) 安全、注意事項の説明 

・(stretch) ストレッチ ・(Fist and foam making) こぶしや、フォームつくり 

・(Step practice) ステップ練習 ・(Basic practice of punching and kicking) パンチとキックの、基礎の練習 

・(Sweat in the mitt and practice the combination) ミットうちで汗をかいてコンビネーションの練習 

・(Practicing defense with a protector) プロテクターをつけてディフェンスの練習 

・(Offensive and defensive offensive and defensive pattern training practice) 攻守攻防パターントレーニングの練習 ・(Light sparring (only for those who wish)) 軽めのライトスパーリング(希望者だけ)

◎Important Note◎

Plz have a reservation if you understand these rules. 下記のルールを理解する人のみ予約出来ます。

※In case of raining or etc、

We will do practice under the Big bridge inside Yoyogi Park(No wetting on the floor) 雨等の場合でも橋の下でクラスをやります。

※We absolutely do the training

if there is over one person at pickup. It will be cancelled in case of nobody comes to pick up time.待ち合わせ時間に誰もいない場合は、キャンセルにします。一人以上いれば必ず開催します。

・Plz contact me organiser before 13pm one day before the class if you gonna be late or your Cancel. 遅刻,キャンセルする場合は前日13:00時までに直接連絡ください。

※You can not attend anymore if you don't respect your reservation for Martial arts.

Cancellation and delay notices to below

※Plz notice us 1. Meetup name 2. event day and title 3.lesson date.


【Plz get a QR code from same title event】

Weekly Kickboxing Lesson

About Reservation : RSVP deadline is set by 6:00PM 1 day before. Plz contact me if you'd like to join if your RSVP after deadline. 予約は前日の午後6く時までに完了ください。6時に予約締切にセッティングしてます。そのあと参加したい人は、直接問い合わせください。

🎥Weekly Lesson Videoレッスンの様子

Do you want to start to kick off the exercise for your body in this year? Do you want to be a Stronger ? Are you interesting in Self defence?

Have you ever been?

The Kickboxing lesson that learning from PROFESSIONAL FIGHTER.  Yes you can have a traditional and original kickboxing experience now.We can have a lesson on the Green at yoyogi park thats so comfortable. You can take off your shose if you want.

Very kindly Teaching lesson

Our Kickboxing lesson is supporting your level always. also,teaching in English(also Japanese too).so, Please feel Free to practice and Learn kickboxing skill . Welcome ladies.

What You can do by kickboxing skill when you learn the Kickboxing ?

・You can go on a diet as full your body....

・Self defense from the other person in case of emergency situation

・feeling super free

・Make you feel beter than before you start

・making you beautiful body

・You can have a brave in any situation

・You can make a nice muscles

・You can know the unknow world

・You can have a combination skil on Kickboxing

・You can have a basic skil of Kickboxing

About Skill for beginner and lesson

・How to stretching on your body

・How to hold the fist for punch

・How to make a pose of fighting

・How to stand and positioning

・How to Punch

・How to kick

・How to defence

・How to recieve

・How to think about Kickboxing

・How to use your body

・How to protect your body

・How to step

Pick up point


⭐︎You can come with your friends also , come by alone ⭐︎


〇(待ち合わせ)Meeting at entrance of Yoyogi park of Harajuku station side. Harajiku mon gate of park on 09:45AM -09:55AM

〇(場所)Training experience is for tow hour 10:00-12:00


A. 2,500YEN  plz done a payment now then you will recieve a QR code with sign you payed.

※plz choice a date and fined same title lesson page from schedule of this below.

B. 3,500YEN  plz pay at venue. also you must get a QR code now.

if you dont register before, we do not count your perticipation number to our lesson.

※plz choice a date and fined same title lesson page from schedule of this below.

C. Premium card Member :

2000YEN online Pay

※Either way, please get the QR code.

※no insurances

Welcome ladies.

※Teacher was a Professional fighter and 14 years teach and fighting experience.

【Precautions for participation参加前の注意事項 必読】

【Cancel Policyキャンセルポリシー】




private lesson information

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  • 2500YenOnline Pay before event

    No Refund after pay

  • Premium Card Member2000

    No Refund




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