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Sun, Jun 30


Lads Garage Shibuya

🧸All We Can Drink🍀🧸Happy🍀🇨🇦Canadian Day 🇨🇦/FREE🎉🍾International Party @Shibuya Barカナダデイ🇨🇦

"Faves Share"

🧸All We Can Drink🍀🧸Happy🍀🇨🇦Canadian Day 🇨🇦/FREE🎉🍾International Party @Shibuya Barカナダデイ🇨🇦
🧸All We Can Drink🍀🧸Happy🍀🇨🇦Canadian Day 🇨🇦/FREE🎉🍾International Party @Shibuya Barカナダデイ🇨🇦

Time & Location

Jun 30, 2024, 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Lads Garage Shibuya, Japan, 〒150-0042 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Udagawachō, 13−11, Kn Shibuya Bldg. I, B1

About the Event

😆4Hours All We Can Drink by best quality🍹😆

🎉Celebrate 1st of July, the official day marked as Canada Day by raising a toast together!!!🎉

🎁 Campaign🎁

ーFREE for Canadiansー

  1. Show the mobile ticket and your passport/register card at the reception.
  2. Plz Get QR code ticket↓🎁from this event page

🎁There is an advance reservation discount (required to get QR code)

Plz get QR code to fill the form from same event title then show it to reception. 対象のイベントから事前の記入をして、QRコードを提示ください。

💓FREE for Ladies campaign💓

・Arrive till 20:00

・First 5 ppl(Get a ticket now)

  1. ・↑Get a Discount ticket with QR code from this event page

🤝Canada Day Charity Night🤝

Let's join Canada Day party and support a Canadian charitable environmental organization!

Part of profit of this event (and your donations) will be donated to the Pollution Probe Foundation

By joining this event, you can contribute to society😊

We'll have a donation box at the venue. You can make a donation at the event if you want.

🎥Event Video雰囲気の動画

Let's enjoy your weekend until last minute of Sunday night Do you want to make new friends ? Do you like to have fun conversations with some drinks? We can be relax with internationals at good location Shibuya. Let's drink & do games & have fun chat at nice venue😉日曜日の最後の瞬間まで一緒に楽しみましょう😉 東京で一番の国際交流で、一番のアットホームで安全安心な国際交流パーティに参加し国際的なお友達を作りましょう。

What you can experience

・Talk with international people who want to enjoy until Sunday night

・Playing some games while drinking (Jenga, UNO and Trump)

・Meet international people with open-minded and locals in Tokyo

・Get good information about places, food, travel and all you need to know about Japan

・Learn useful other languages' phrase

・Output English, Japanese, French and other languages you learned

About this event

・You can enjoy your weekend until last minute of Sunday night

・This event is standing style, so you can easily move around to talk with a lot of people

・The venue is easy to find out

It’s a standing style

Start 19:00 - Close 21:30

※Eveybody out from the store on 21:30. You can come back to the store again and Buy product as new customer if u want.

・19:00 - 19:15 Sign up & Get drinks

We prepare wristbands so you may find our members easily.

・19:00 - 21:15 Fun chat & Make new friends

This bar is standing style, so you can easily move around to talk with a lot of people.

・21:15 - 21:30 Closing time Group picture

After Party: many ppl are going to stay at store or going to 2nd drinking place or karaoke.

◎About this organizer; Welcome Tokyo

"Welcome Tokyo" is a community that provides a great opportunity to make a lot of friends and experiences at many events in Tokyo. We have over 50K members and usually we've organize more than 100 events every month.

【Event Schedules of ALL events すべてのイベントスケジュール】

◎The venue :

"Lad's Garage Shibuya" is International Bar & Lounge and really big space & It's comfortable during your Meetup. Drinks:

Alchole Drink from about 500Yen

◎The venue : "Lad's Garage Shibuya" is International Bar & Lounge Drinks: Alchole Drink from about 500Yen


  • ・Beer ・Over 25 kinds of Cocktail and highball
  • ・Soft Drink...

Plz choice ①or② and tell to event host at Reception.

  • 🍹① 1Drink : from around 500Yen~ / Cash on Delivery. buy at bar counter(Happy Hour 19:00-20:00)
  • 🍹② ALL WE CAN DRINK : 19:00-23:00
  • 2000Yen (Buy 18:45-20:00)
  • 2500Yen (Buy 20:00-21:00)
  • 3000Yen (Buy 21:00-22:00)
  • ※You can start drinking from 19:00 before the party until 23:00(LO) and stay till 23:55(Store Close)
  • Get Ticket at Event Reception
  • ※Drink cup exchange system

🌟🍔You can order the food too🍟🌟

⚠Reservation required

Show us the reservation page at the reception. (No Reservation: Entrance fee + 500yen or cannot join)


・Meetup time 19:00-21:30

21:30 Everybody move to the opposite side of the event use area. To restore the event use area to its original state.

・Place: Lad's garage Shibuya *13-11 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya, Tokyo (map)

・Entrance Fee :

🎁There is an advance reservation discount (*required to get QR code by 30 minites before the starting time)

*Participation fee:

 ("Advance online payment"/QR code ticket obtained from link or app)

  • ・Women & Foreigners 500 yen
  • ・Japanese male 800 yen
  • ・Under 25 years old: 500 yen for men

("Pay on-site with cash + QR code ticket"/obtain from link or app)

  • ・Japanese and foreigners 1500 yen

("Pay on-site in cash + SNS reservation only + no QR ticket")

  • Without ticket: 2000 yen or you may not be able to participate.
  • *Drink price is not included. Please be sure to purchase after registering and before participating.
  • *If you do not purchase a drink before participating, please leave midway.

【Precautions for participation 参加前の注意事項 必読】

【Cancel Policyキャンセルポリシー】



日曜の夜を最後まで楽しみたいですか?気軽に友達が作れる場所を探していますか?様々な文化や言語に触れたいですか? 日曜の夜は落ち着いた雰囲気のヨーロッパバーでいろんな国の人たちと楽しく飲みながら話しましょう☆

Welcome TokyoのHappy Sunday国際交流パーティー






⚠事前予約が必要です。 受付で予約ページを提示してください。




・場所:Lad's Garage 渋谷 (map)



※参加費の支払い : ("事前オンライン支払"/ リンクかアプリから取得するQRコードチケット) ・女性 & 外国人 500円 ・日本人男性 800円 ・25歳以下 男性500円

("現金で現地払い+QRコードチケット"/リンクかアプリから取得する) ・日本人と外国人 1500円

("現金で現地払い+SNSでの予約のみ+QRチケットなし") チケット無し:2000円 or 参加できない場合がります。

※ドリンク代金は含まれません。受付後、参加前に必ず購入ください。 ※参加前にドリンク購入しない方は途中退出をお願いします。 ※イベント使用エリアのみを使いください。

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    show your ID CARD

  • Online Pay Lady & Foreigner

    No refound after payment

  • U25 age Men Onlinepayï¿¥500

    no refound Plz show your ID card

  • Online Pay JPN Gentleman ï¿¥800

    No refound after payment

  • Ladies Free arrvie by 19:30Pm

    You can not attende if you cancel the event after reserve. 予約後にキャンセルをされた方は二度と参加できません。

  • Pay@venue ¥1500 cash

    This is a reservation ticket. You need to pay the entrance fee at the reception. 🎁There is an advance reservation discount (required to get QR code) 事前予約割引あり🎁

  • Use full stamp card pay byCash

    Use full stamp card pay byCash Online discounted pricing terms apply. You can pay in cash at the venue by deducting a full stamp card worth 500 yen from the online price. オンラインでのディスカウントされた価格の条件が適用されます。オンライン価格から満タンのスタンプカード500円分を差し引き会場で現金でお支払いいただけます。




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