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About taking measures against covid-19 in offline event

Updated: Jun 20, 2020


For restarting offline events, we take the following measures for the time being.

For about 2 weeks after lift a state of emergency, we'll hold only outdoor events or online events. And we'll set a limited number of participants depending on mitigation steps of Japanese government.

*Disaster Prevention Information: https://www.bousai.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/taisaku/saigai/1007261/1007967.html

*Mitigation steps (Tokyo city): https://www.bousai.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/_res/projects/default_project/_page_/001/007/967/20200522001.pdf

**People have a cough, have cold-like symptoms, feel under the weather can NOT join**

At a reception,

・Put hand sanitizer on your hands

・Check whether you wear a facemask or not (*1)

・Take your temperature (*2)

・Check your email address and/or phone number

In case of indoor events,

・Cleaning event's area

・Install a transparent sheet partition

*1 You need to wear facemask when you attend. You can buy facemask at the reception (quantities are limited).

*2 If your temperature is over 37.3 degrees, you can NOT join.














※1 参加時はマスク着用必須です。受付でマスクの購入も可能(数量に限りあり)。

※2 受付検温時に37.3度以上の場合は参加できません。

27th May 2020

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