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Do I need to speak Japanese?
- You don't need to speak Japanese. Almost people who join our events can speak English. However, it's really good chance to learn and improve your Japanese skill.


Can I go an event alone?
- Of course, you can! Our attendees are friendly and an event's host introduce you after your reception. So don't worry about it.


Can I join the event anytime?
- You can join the event anytime! But if you want to talk many people and enjoy from beginning to end, we recommend you come early. 
*We can't change the entrance fee no matter the time you come.


Any dress code?
- It depends. Please check the details of each events. Unless otherwise noted about it on the event page, Just wear anything that can express yourself best.


What do I need to bring?
- Some official ID (Residence Card, Passport, Military ID, or Japanese government issued ID).


How many people attend on the event?
- It depends on the event. But over 3,000 people join our events in a month. Please look at the event report.


What kind of people come?
- People come from all over the world. You can  know the different cultures and backgrounds.


What are the ages?
- Mainly 20's and 30's, but we have plenty of people both younger and older.


Do I need a reservation? 
- Yes. We need to know the exact number for organizing smoothly. You can book via this home page, meetup or facebook. And please check [Note on Participation] first.


How old do I have to be to join the events?
- Basically, all children under 18 (including high school students) cannot join our events. 
However, if you satisfy the conditions, they can join the events.


Can I bring the children aged under 16?
- You can  bring them at Language Exchange, Afternoon Picnic, Wagashi making meetup. Please send us message before the reservation if you want to bring them.


How do I cancel my reservation via home page?
- Click [Contact], select [Reservation and Cancellation], fill up the blank and write about your cancellation (when and what event). And please check [Cancellation Policy] as well.


I have forgotten my item. How do I do?
- Let us know as soon as possible. Click [Contact], select [Lost item], fill up the blank and write about your item and the situation (when and what event). We'll reply you if we have or not.


Can I work or internship at Welcome Tokyo? I want to help the events as volunteer. How do I do?
- Please check this page, and send us message. We are looking forward to new colleague:)

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