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We provide support for Ukrainian refugees.

As the world watches Ukrainians from every background fight against Russia's invasion, which has resulted in thousands of casualties since it started on Feb. 24, organizations and individuals both inside and outside Ukraine are showing their support.

Since its inception on February 24, organizations and individuals inside and outside Ukraine have shown support as the world watches Ukrainians fight against the invasion of Russia, which has caused thousands of casualties and all backgrounds.

It can be said that Ukrainian refugees need to learn Japanese in order to build a new life in Japan.

Welcome Tokyo offers free entry fees for some events as an opportunity for Ukrainian refugees to learn Japanese. At all international exchange meetings, Japanese and English are often used, so I think this is a great opportunity to learn Japanese.

We will support Ukrainian refugees semi-permanently until this Russian problem is resolved. Also, if you are waiting at work or in your daily life, listen to them.

List of free events for Ukrainian refugees.

・ Language exchange (event with seats)

・ International party (standing style party)

・ All picnics

・ Walking tour

* 1 Drinks must be purchased at the event store. If the event is held outdoors, there is no cost.

Things to do in advance for free participation

・ Send an email now. Next, submit the photo or PDF data of the Ukrainian Refugee Certificate to Welcome Tokyo. You only need to register the certificate once, and after that, please send only the following information for each event of your choice.

・ For each event you would like to participate in for free, please contact us with the following information in advance before the event starts. It's okay to submit your monthly schedule all at once.

One event date and time,

Two event venues,

Time of 3 events

4 Refugee certificate number

5 full name

Email address, registration address

Welcome to Ukraine Refugee Support Team




Welcome Tokyoは、ウクライナ難民が日本語を学ぶ機会として、一部のイベントに無料の入場料を提供しています。すべての国際交流会では、日本語と英語がよく使われるので、日本語を学ぶ絶好の機会だと思います。






・ ウォーキングツアー











WelcomeTokyo ウクライナ難民支援チーム

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