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Sat, Dec 23


Liqumu Cafe Bar

🎅Christmas 🍰Free Cake Buffet🎄🎁Tokyo Int'l Friend Shuffle Party All We Can Drink🍾🧸🍾@Harajuk

About this event ・You can select one color which is depend by the purpose of attending Just Example(I'm looking for..) 🟧Orange : For Fun Time 🟩Green : language Friends 🟥Pink : Single 🟨Yellow : Talk with Same gender 🟦Blue : Others(You can write down your purpose) ・You can meet and talk with peop

Registration is Closed
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🎅Christmas 🍰Free Cake Buffet🎄🎁Tokyo Int'l Friend Shuffle Party All We Can Drink🍾🧸🍾@Harajuk
🎅Christmas 🍰Free Cake Buffet🎄🎁Tokyo Int'l Friend Shuffle Party All We Can Drink🍾🧸🍾@Harajuk

Time & Location

Dec 23, 2023, 7:30 PM – 10:00 PM

Liqumu Cafe Bar, 日本、〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前1丁目14−2 原宿ル・ポンテ 1F-B

About the Event

🎅Amazing Christmas Night🎄

A heart-warming Christmas Cakes and Christmas Music and Nice Meetup attendee only awaits you at WelcomeTokyo Meetup. 心温まるクリスマスケーキとクリスマスミュージック、そして素敵なミートアップの参加者は、ウェルカム東京ミートアップであなたを待っています。

🎅🍰🎁Christmas Cake Buffet Present🎁🍰🎄

※Buffet Time: 20:00-21:00

・Cheese Cakes, Chocolate Cakes, Tiramisu, Blueberry & Strawberry Fruits Cakes, Rare cheesecake.....

FREE Cake Buffet(one bite cut cake) at Special Bar Lounge 無料の一口で食べられるようにカットしたケーキブッフェが付いています☆

(ケーキは大量にありますが、なくなったら終わりです。There are lot of Cakes. But, providing quantities has limited )

🎁There is an advance reservation discount (required to get QR code) 事前予約割引あり

🎁  Plz get QR code to fill the form from this page then show it to reception.


【Must-read 必読】

🎁There is an advance reservation discount (required to get QR code) 事前予約割引あり🎁 Plz get QR code to fill the form from same event titel then show it to reception. 対象のイベントから事前の記入をして、QRコードを提示ください。


 (Lucky Per Drink 333YEN / by 3 Drinks ticket system use)**🍺 or or ALL WE CAN DRINK 1000YEN🍺😆(※Check system)

🎥Event Video雰囲気の動画 

Do you want to make new friends ? Do you like to have fun conversations with some drinks? We can be relax with internationals. Let's drink & do games & have fun chat at nice venue😉 海外に行かずに海外に来たような雰囲気でリラックスして楽しく国際交流してみませんか🌟?東京で一番の国際交流で、一番のアットホームで安全安心な国際交流に参加し国際的なお友達を作ろう

What you can experience

  • ・Talk with people who share the same purpose
  • ・Playing some games while drinking (Jenga, UNO and Trump)
  • ・Meet international people with open-minded and locals in Tokyo
  • ・Get good information about places, food, travel and all you need to know about Japan

Why shuffle : sometimes, you guys find a lot of small attractive group in the party. but, you have no chance to join the group suddenly. we help you to join by shuffle system. everybody has a "chance" if you attend to Welcome Tokyo Event.

☆About this event Shuffle system

  • ・All attendee will be shuffled by the Shuffle card to same design table with your card ☆SHUFFLE TIME→20:10 & 20:45 & 21:15
  • ・Standing style Party, so you can easily move around to talk with a lot of people

Start 19:30 - Close 22:00 

・19:30 - 19:45 Sign up & Get drinks We prepare wristbands so you may find our members easily. 

・19:30 - 21:45 Fun chat & Make new friends This bar is standing style, so you can easily move around to talk with a lot of people. 

・21:45 - 22:00 Closing

◎About organizer: Welcome Tokyo

 "Welcome Tokyo" is a community that provides a great opportunity to make a lot of friends and experiences at many events in Tokyo. We have over 50K members and usually we've organize more than 100 events every month. 【RSVP & ALL events Schedules すべてのイベントスケジュール】

◎The venue : 

Bar LiQumu is located 30 second from Harajuku station where somany yang ppl's HUB! The store looks so atractive and very unique drink and food menue. So, Thats very popular store for yang woman's generation.



・Over 25 kinds of Cocktail and highball

・Soft Drink... 

Plz choice 

①~③ and tell to event host at Reception. 

🍹① 1Drink : 500Yen / Cash on Delivery. buy at bar counter 

🍹② 3Drinks : 1000Yen(333Yen/3Drinks) / Get ticket at reception

🍹③ ALL WE CAN DRINK : 1000Yen(20:00-21:00) / Get Ticket at Reception ※Drink cup exchange system


 ・Meetup time 19:30-22:00 

🎁There is an advance reservation discount (*required to get QR code by 30 minites before the starting time) Reservation with QR code : 

(advance payment Online)

  • ① Female / ② Foreigner / ③ Japanese male under 25 years old:
  • 1500 yen → 1000 yen
  • Japanese men 2000 yen → 1500 yen
  • *500 YEN OFF for premium members

(Payment at Venue QR ticket)

  • Women, foreigners, and Japanese men under 25 years old: 1,500 yenJapanese male: 2000 yen

*No ticket: 2500 yen or Can not join

・Place : LiQumu Bar Harajuku *1 - 14 - 2 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo 2F (map)

※Drink: You must to buy first.

【Precautions for participation 参加前の注意事項 必読】

【Cancel Policyキャンセルポリシー】


Welcome TokyoのSaturday Shuffle国際交流パーティー

  • ・パーティ中に2・3回席替えシャッフルタイムがあるので、たくさんの人と話すことができる ☆SHUFFLE TIME→20:10 & 20:45 & 21:15
  • ・オープンマインドで国際的な人達と出会える
  • ・より会話が盛り上がるよう、ジェンガやUNOなどのゲームを用意してます



・場所:LiQumu Bar 渋谷区神宮前1丁目14−2 2F (map) 


 🎁事前予約割引あり(開始時間の30分前までにQRコードの取得が必要です) QRコード予約価格: 


  • ①女性/②外国人/③25歳以下の日本人男性 : 1500円→1000円
  • 日本人男性2000円 →1500円
  • *500 YEN OFF for premium members

(現地払い QRチケット持ち)

  • 女性と外国人と25歳以下日本人男性: 1500円
  • 日本人男性:2000円
  • ※チケット無し:2500円 or Can not join


#meetuptokyo #welcometokyo #tokyomeetup #bestpartytokyo  #国際交流パーティ #ミートアップ


  • OnlinePay Lady & Foreigner1000

    No Refund after Pay

    Sale ended
  • U25 age Men Onlinepay1000

    No refound after payment Plz show your ID card

    Sale ended
  • Online Pay JPN Gentleman1500

    No refund after payment

    Sale ended
  • Pay @venue Lady/foreignerï¿¥1500

    plz pay the exact fee by cash at door 1500YEN

    Sale ended
  • Pay@venue JPN Manï¿¥2000

    plz pay exact fee 2000YEN by cash at Venue

    Sale ended
  • Use full stamp card pay byCash

    Use full stamp card pay byCash Online discounted pricing terms apply. You can pay in cash at the venue by deducting a full stamp card worth 500 yen from the online price. オンラインでのディスカウントされた価格の条件が適用されます。オンライン価格から満タンのスタンプカード500円分を差し引き会場で現金でお支払いいただけます。

    Sale ended



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